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Warm, Easy Going and Informative

British Poise with Aussie Charm… The Best of Up Here and Down Under

Ever had a Tim Tam slam? It’s the perfect fusion of the finest Australian biscuit and a steaming cup of tea (my favourite being Yorkshire), seamlessly blending the warmth and relaxation of Australia with the refined charm of Britain.

The same could be said about me. Being born in Australia and living most of my adult life in the UK, I effortlessly combine the poise and sophistication of British culture with the easy going and playful nature of an Aussie. Two native standard accents, one voice.

It’s like having a Beach Barbecue with the Beatles, High-Tea with a Kangaroo, or Roast Beef Dinner with Pavlova for Dessert. A mix of Aussie Bonhomie and British Cool!

As an actor, teacher and standup comedian, I have a real passion for storytelling, making a human connection and sharing what I know. Whether it’s narrating a documentary, voicing a commercial, or bringing characters to life, my voice is versatile, engaging, and sure to leave a lasting impression.

So, bite off your biscuit, slurp up your tea, and let’s have a Tim Tam slam together!

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